Collective accommodation centers are new-build housings emerged as temporary housing solution for asylam seekers in Germany which are located mainly in peripheries. Once the Obligation to Stay in Initial Reception Centres ends, asylum seekers should, “as a rule”, be accommodated in “collective accommodation” centers (Gemeinschaftsunterkünfte). The so-called temporary housing system is the embodiment of the state of non-citizen. It is a stopover between exclusion and inclusion, bare life and political existence. It is a status of transition, culturally, socially and politically.
SELVES tries to depict the transitory space between inclusion and exclusion with establishing multiple perspectives through a participatory photography. More than hundreds of photograph is the result of a collaboration with four children from Albania, Afghanistan, and Syria living in temporary accommodation in Düsseldorf-Gerresheim located in the eastern periphery of Düsseldorf.

Many windows

Two doors

This is my home
Left: Window, I sleep alone
Right: Bed, my mother and my brother sleep there

My mother watches TV and this is window and a bed and a table

This is my home
This is me

Left: TV is off
Right: Just one TV is one

Left: This is just the door, Number 3.1.7 A
Right: My door

This is the door of my friend

Home, we live here

We go shopping

This is our security

This is my face in laundry room


Me and my friend in Aleppo